Mission of Our Organizing Business

Focusing on clients who are aging in place, our mission is to help seniors feel more empowered and live a happier life.

Why Choose Our Organizing Business?

About Our Professional Organizer

“I am passionate about helping others overcome the challenges faced when life throws in some "curve balls." In my life, I have faced some significant life transitions that have well-prepared me to help others move through difficulties. As a public school teacher in predominately inner-city schools, I am constantly faced with how to move struggling students from a place of academic struggle to a place of academic success with limited resources and ever-changing learning standards. The only way I have been able to do so effectively through the years is through strong organizational skills, planning, refining, and educating myself on best practices and student-learning styles. Personally, several significant life events have propelled me to create my new business concept, to reinvent myself as it were... They are, within a twelve-month period I have seen some very challenging life transitions: the death of a beloved aunt; my only sister had a stroke; my mother underwent her third surgery for cancer; I learned my sister had stage 4 cancer and passed away; my uncle died; I suffered "empty-nest" syndrome from my "niece-daughter" following her mother's death; I lost my job; my father died, and my mother had yet another emergency surgery. That's a lot of upheavals. But, all of these things have given insight into the emotions that people feel when unexpected things happen in our lives. This is why I am so passionate about helping others when a crisis hits or when they are just trying to cope with those curve balls that come their way in life. On a lighter note, I love, love, love interior design and as a part of the passion that I can share with my clients, I have a certificate in Architectural Interior Design for the UCLA Extension Program with plans to eventually turn that foundational training into a degree in Architectural Interior Design. That means that not only can I get you organized, but I can also work with you to achieve the decorating aesthetic of your dreams!"